What is Water

Water is an essential ingredient to life on our planet.As a basic component for sustainable development,there must be measures to ensure uncontaminated streams,rivers,lakes,lagoons and oceans.Water is important for growing food,for household uses,drinking,cooking and sanitation.now the question is,where is all our rivers gone? In view of this question,the following have been noted as basic contributive factors to these threat to our natural resources.From the natural point of view our forest were so green and water tumbled down so beautifully.However ,this trend has changed drastically to affect nature.

The first factor is our water becoming polluted,and infested with disease like bilharzias and guineaworms.All these stems from high pollution of our lakes,rivers,lagoons ,and streams through heavy metals,processing of chemicals,erosion,and sedimentation.This is caused by soil and rock being  disturbed in the course of construction of open pits,roads and waste impoundments.

The second factor is the cutting of vegetation land along river courses.This vegetation protects the river course by providing shade from the direct rays  of the sun.Thereby checking evaporation of the water.This situation of river banks and watershed can indirectly lead to intensive soil erosion as the rain drops fall with force on the land.a lot of this is washed into the rivers gradually.

The third factor is change in rain pattern.This is caused by human activity threating water supply.

Nature created a system called water cycle which ensures that there is always water for all.The system operates this way,the sun shines on seas,lakes,rivers and other waterbodies.As a result,the heated water turns into hot air rising up into the sky,gets cooler,condenses,and falls as rain water.This  in  turn runs into the ground ,and later appears  in various places as spring,streams,rivers and lakes.

The fourth factor is forest destruction for timber,firewood,and for farms.Hence,freshwater bodies become exposed and evaporation increases.Wind and water erosion adds to silt in rivers and streams.As vegetation is burnt or left to rot,the atmosphere content of carbon dioxide is increased causing the intense heat which reduces the chances for rainfall.

On the whole,this study examines the following threats to natural freshwater:water pollution and infested water;cutting of vegetation along river courses;change in rain patterns;and forest destruction for timber,firewood,and farms.

Water is life,Water is wealth,water is health.Water plays an important role in the day to day activities of humankind .So let’s preserve this essential natural resource.

By : Mr  Kweku Amankwah(Global Green Environmental Network)

( CEO-FARSO ) tutor