• Capacity building, training programs and project to be undertaken in deprived urban and rural communities.
  • Educational exchange programmes for youth, ecotourism trips and excursions to renowned sites, ecotourism places and museums.
  • Internship and research
  • Sensitization of the public on the dangers of environmental negligence and high rate of chemical and waste discharge into waterbodies
  • Education of children,Youth and women in deprived and marginalised communities about climate change issues,biodiversity conservation and sustainable management.
  • Advocacy programmes against environmental pollution ,indiscriminate encroachment and high carbon emission from our industries.
  • Organizing tree planting exercises as a major greening project to afforestate the current and rampant destruction of our forest belt and reserved zones.
  • Organizing research programmes,legal and policy formulation to ractify inactive enforcement of environmental enactments.
  • Rehabilitation projects for the youth girl child and women.